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Founded in 2007

Loyal Alliance Global Trading Limited (LAGT) is a rare diamond specialist, responsible for the creative foresight, craftsmanship and conception of some of the world’s most distinguished and resplendent rare diamonds.

LAGT founders Inez Ding and Zevi Klausner are aligned in their one objective: to offer the world the rarest, flawless and largest diamonds in existence. Also founders of China Diamond Manufacturing Antwerp, Loyal Alliance Hong Kong and Huapu Beijing, Inez and Zevi share a passion in the pursuit of these time-honoured masterpieces.

Meticulous brilliance

LAGT diamonds rank almost exclusively among the top hundredth of a percentile of the world’s diamond resources. This is no accident. Our meticulous selection process means that all our diamonds possess the following qualities:

  • D Colour or fancy coloured
  • Flawless
  • Type IIa
  • Minimum 10 carats
  • Exceptional polish symmetry and cut grades

Our exacting standards allow us to create the largest, most beautiful diamonds in the world. Our reputation for excellence, expertise and master craftsmanship has garnered LAGT a prestigious standing among exceptional jewellers, sophisticated investors and expert gemmologists.

We are dedicated to the Kimberley Process.

Inez Ding

Founder and Director

Inez’s specialist rare diamond knowledge and technical expertise ensure that LAGT’s testing standards of excellence are never compromised. Having begun her career by importing rough Chinese diamonds into Antwerp, she possesses a noteworthy understanding of growing Asian markets. She has also been a member of the Antwerp Rough Diamond Bourse since 1997.

A founder of Huapu Diamond, a premium polishing facility in Beijing, and China Diamond Manufacturing NV, a diamond marketing arm, Inez is a rare diamond expert and highly respected among her peers.

Zevi Klausner

Founder and Director

Zevi launched his diamond career in 1981, when he joined Charles Berkovic BVBA in Antwerp. Here, he gained experience in rough purchasing and manufacturing, selling his creations to market-leading Japanese wholesalers and retailers. Klausner was instrumental in Berkovic BVBA becoming a DeBeers Sightholder between 1996 and 2001.

Zevi is also a Founder and Director of Huapu Diamond in Beijing, a premium diamond manufacturer.

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