Artisan workmanship meets state-of-the-art technology
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The Loyal Alliance Global Trading Ltd (LAGT) creates the largest, most beautiful diamonds in the world, transforming exceptional rough diamonds into polished masterpieces.

Using skill and artistry that has been passed down through the generations, our meticulous master craftsmen will sacrifice size to achieve a flawless chef-d’oeuvre. Our exacting standards mean that we will always prioritise perfection above size.

Uncompromising pursuit of excellence

Our unique approach ensures that our superior diamonds are among the top hundredth of a percentile in the world. Sought after by luxury jewellers, expert gemmologists and discerning investors, the LAGT brand is recognised as one representing perfection, elegance and distinction.

Few mines in the world produce the unblemished diamonds that meet our considerable criteria. Our carefully selected stones are sourced exclusively from worldwide tenders and premium mines in the birthplace of humanity.

Once we have selected our suitable rough diamonds, our expert master craftsmen consider, plan and execute the cut in order to maximise brilliance, fire, scintillation and definitive beauty.

In addition to D-grade colour diamonds, we also source and craft rare fancy coloured diamonds. Our master craftsmen are adept at working with exceptional stones of a variety of hues.

Artisan workmanship meets state-of-the-art technology

Antwerp, a city synonymous with quality diamonds and distinguished craftsmanship, is the home of our cutting and polishing experts. Evoking the legacy, sophistication and finesse of generations of artisans past, it is here that the world’s most experienced craftsmen create our iconic and dazzling masterpieces that are destined to adorn a fortuitous few.

While experienced craftsmanship plays a significant role in revealing the beauty and unique vision for each of these stones, this artisanship is underpinned by ultramodern technology in order to achieve the perfect balance of classic artistry and technological ingenuity.

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