Loyal Alliance Global Trading

Specialising exclusively in flawless rare diamonds over ten carats, our diamonds are synonymous with perfection, elegance and absolute distinction.


Founded in 2007, Loyal Alliance Global Trading Limited (LAGT) is a rare diamond specialist, responsible for the creative foresight, craftsmanship and conception of some of the world’s most distinguished and resplendent rare diamonds.

LAGT founders Inez Ding and Zevi Klausner are aligned in their one objective: to offer the world the rarest, flawless and largest diamonds in existence. Also founders of China Diamond Manufacturing Antwerp, Loyal Alliance Hong Kong and Huapu Beijing, Inez and Zevi share a passion in the pursuit of these time-honoured masterpieces.

Our exacting standards allow us to create the largest, most beautiful diamonds in the world. Our reputation for excellence, expertise and master craftsmanship has garnered LAGT a prestigious standing among exceptional jewellers, sophisticated investors and expert gemmologists.

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The process of identifying suitable rough diamonds is an intensive one and is followed by several months of technological analysis, planning, cutting and polishing. Each step taken is unique to the diamond in its predestined journey. The time and care taken throughout this process is characteristic of our passion, patience and expertise, all of which combine to release the diamond’s eternal brilliance.

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